SchoolBlocks Sponsorship Commerce & Management

As an added feature for SchoolBlocks' school websites, sponsors can pay to sponsor any number of schools. Once their sponsorship is approved, they get billed on a subscription type basis.

The e-commerce needed to allow for any number of schools to be sponsored and a way to view/manage the account for all the schools that are sponsored. A tax receipt, payment details and account history needed to be available for sponsors via their account. Sponsors needed to be able to add additional schools and/or cancel sponsorships. The sponsor system needed to manage business logic with the cms platform, but needed to be easily attached/removed to school sites as needed.

The sponsorship system is built using a stand alone module (Yii) to exist independently from the main application. Stripe's API is used with a custom class wrapper to access and control API methods. The subscription plans, coupons, customers and their accounts are tracked in the application but managed via Stripe's API. The process includes creating a pending account until SchoolBlocks and the school district approve the sponsor. Once approved the sponsor's subscription is charged for the number of sponsored schools they selected in the school selection page during their checkout.

Sponsors can be managed both at the website and at Stripe's website. Their sponsorship provides them with a listing on the sponsors page of the district and school site, an ad on the schools' front page and an editable sponsorship card.