Western CPE Learning Management System Overview

The Western CPE portal is the custom learning management system under development for CPE courses currently available at WesternCPE.com. The portal provides access to course materials (webcast, PDF and video), account details and certificates of completion. Credit is issued upon successfully completing a course, at which point a CPE certificate is issued.

The Dashboard is built with Vue.js, SASS and .NET RESTful API services which requires a migration path from the original LMS to allow for legacy courses to be mixed in with the portal built courses.

I defined and built the front-end architecture which uses Webpack to manage independent Vue applications that are associated with specific pages. My contributions also included SQL Server database modifications with associated .NET Entity mappings and .NET API development. A Microsoft TFS repository set up within Azure DevOps provides the collaboration and tools to manage the project.

*The LMS is not yet used for production.